9 New Korean Dramas to Watch in July 2020

9 New Korean Dramas to Watch in July 2020
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July is the month of mystery and thriller series, with six out of the nine upcoming series all going for the suspense genre, and the other three are all romantic-comedies. The most-awaited The Good Detective that features stars Son Hyun-joo and Jang Seung-jo will finally air, after being delayed for almost three months. The actors and crew alike live by the famous theater adage, even with the onslaught of the pandemic, “The show must go on.”

But with the premiere of the new series means we will be saying goodbye to the ones that aired back in May, such as Mystic Pop-up Bar, Oh My Baby, and Soul Mechanic. Below are nine new series to watch out for this coming July.

July 1: Memorials (Wednesdays & Thursdays on KBS2)

출사표 / Into The Ring
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Main Cast: Nana & Park Sung-hoon
  • Predecessor: Soul Mechanic

Memorials follows the story of a reliable but unapproachable and unfriendly civil servant (Park Sung-hoon) and a bright, hardworking council member (Nana) as they join forces to penalize corrupt individuals. After his psychopathic killer character in his last series Psychopath Diary (2019–2020), Sung-hoon gets into reverse mode by portraying a public officer who sticks to his principles no matter what. Meanwhile, this is idol-turned-actress Nana’s second lead role in a TV series, her first one being an arrogant detective in the police series Kill It (2019).

July 6: Men Are Men (Mondays & Tuesdays on KBS2)

Men are Men That Guy Is The Guy 그놈이 그놈이다
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Main Cast: Hwang Jung-eum, Yoon Hyun-min, Seo Ji-hoon
  • Predecessor: Born Again

Hwang Jung-eum’s Mystic Pop-up Bar has just finished airing, where she played the lead role. But it looks like fans won’t have to wait for long to see her again. Right after the fantasy comedy series, Jung-eum has gotten back to filming for yet another lead role in the romantic-comedy Men Are Men, which is about a single woman (Hwang Jung-eum) who swore to never commit romantically again after the pain of her past relationships. But fate isn’t ready to let her move on yet, as she gets entangled in a love triangle with two men: an uptight pharmaceutical company CEO (Yoon Hyun-min) and a popular, sociable webcomic writer (Seo Ji-hoon). The series is slated to premiere just a week after the final episode of Mystic Pop-up Bar, taking up the time slot of Born Again.

July 6: The Good Detective (Mondays & Tuesdays on JTBC)

모범형사 / The Good Detective
  • Genre: Mystery, Crime, Drama
  • Main Cast: Son Hyun-joo, Jang Seung-jo, Lee Elijah
  • Predecessor: Sweet Munchies

The series is supposed to premiere in April but because of the pandemic, it was pushed back to July. The Good Detective follows two detectives, played by Jang Seung-jo and Son Hyun-joo, with different social statuses, personalities, and detective techniques. One uses insight and scientific analysis to solve a case, whereas the other uses his experience and personal connections. Seung-jo is slowly establishing a name in the entertainment industry and has consistently transformed himself into his characters in his past dramas. Joining him and veteran actor Hyun-joo is Lee Elijah, who will play another key character, a passionate journalist.

July 8: She Knows Everything (Wednesdays & Thursdays on MBC)

미쓰리는 알고 있다 / She Knows Everything
  • Genre: Mystery, Drama
  • Main Cast: Kang Sung-yeon & Jo Han-sun
  • Predecessor: Kkondae Intern

The script for She Knows Everything won the Excellence Award in the 2019 MBC Drama Contest. It tells the story of an apartment complex where mysterious things happen, and a nosy, meddlesome real estate agent, played by Kang Sung-yeon, who wants to satisfy her curiosity about the said place. She will be joined with Jo Han-sun, who will play a veteran detective. Running only for two consecutive days, the series will only air four episodes. It will immediately be followed by United Effort to Accomplish One Thing in its time slot.

July 8: Was It Love? (Wednesdays & Thursdays on JTBC)

We Were in Love 우리, 사랑했을까 Was It Love
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Main Cast: Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Koo Ja-sung, Kim Min-joon
  • Predecessor: Mystic Pop-up Bar

A love triangle is already a complicated set-up, but what if there’s not only two, not even three, but four men chasing after our lead female’s heart? The new romantic-comedy series Was It Love? follows the story of a movie producer and single mother (Song Ji-hyo) who finds herself entangled in a whirlwind romance with four guys: a famous actor (Song Jong-ho), a school teacher (Koo Ja-sung), a gangster-turned-CEO (Kim Min-joon), and a best-selling writer (Son Ho-jun). After 14 years of being single, she will once again enter the second chapter of romance while balancing her life as a mother and a career woman. Ji-hyo is best known as a regular cast member of the South Korean variety show Running Man, which is gaining international fame.

July 10: Graceful Friends (Fridays & Saturdays on JTBC)

Elegant Friends 우아한 친구들
  • Genre: Mystery, Crime, Suspense
  • Main Cast: Yoo Jun-sang, Song Yoon-ah, Bae Soo-bin, Han Eun-jung, Kim Sung-oh, Kim Hye-eun, Jung Suk-yong, Lee In-hye, Kim Won-hae, Kim Ji-young
  • Predecessor: The World of the Married

When a murder takes place in a city where they live, a group of middle- aged couples find themselves entangled in the crime. Fans are already excited for Graceful Friends, pointing out the SKY Castle vibe, which was a 2018 mega-hit JTBC drama. This will be an attempt from the broadcasting company to follow up two of their biggest series this year, Itaewon Class and The World of the Married. Because of the threat from the pandemic, the series is one of the productions that had to delay filming. From the initial June premiere, the series is now scheduled to air in July.

July 11: Train (Saturdays & Sundays on OCN)

트레인 / Train

After the world of the doppelgangers in the recently ended The King: Eternal Monarch, another dual-role series is arriving in K-dramaland. It’s another battle of same faces but different persons. But this time, instead of a king, a detective gears up to try to save the one he lost. Train features a parallel-world mystery where a detective (Yoon Shi-yoon), whose lover is murdered by a serial killer, discovers a parallel world where she is still alive and works to protect her. Shi-yoon will be joined by other stars such as Kyung Soo-jin and Shin So-yul, whose characters will help him solve the parallel-world mysteries.

July 15: United Effort to Accomplish One Thing (Wednesdays & Thursdays on MBC)

United Effort to Accomplish One Thing 십시일반
  • Genre: Black Comedy, Mystery
  • Main Cast: Kim Hye-jun, Oh Na-ra, Han Soo-hyun, Kim Jung-young, Kim Shi-eun, Kwon Dong-ho
  • Predecessor: She Knows Everything

We have all hated her in the hit Netflix original Kingdom, but this time, Queen Consort Cho is no longer in the Joseon dynasty but in the modern times, caught in the mystery and fight for wealth. United Effort to Accomplish One Thing centers on Kim Hye-jun as she plays the daughter of a famous painter who owns properties that are worth billions of won. After getting involved in a fight for the said properties, she attempts to discover the truth. This will be Kim Hye-jun’s first lead role in a TV series, after being a villainous queen in her last drama.

July 22: Flower of Evil (Wednesdays & Thursdays on tvN)

Flower of Evil 악의 꽃
  • Genre: Romance, Thriller
  • Main Cast: Lee Joon-gi & Moon Chae-won
  • Predecessor: Oh My Baby

Who doesn’t want a perfect husband? But you know as they say, even good boys have dark sides. Lee Joon-gi is back with another interesting role, as he plays the ideal husband who hides a dark secret. To spice things up, the one who has been chasing after him is none other than the love of his life, who is also a detective. And what better way to break a woman’s heart than to have her realize that the one she’s been looking for is the one she sleeps with at night? This is Joon-gi’s comeback lead role in TV projects after Lawless Lawyer (2018), as well as Moon Chae-won’s after her role in Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018). The two have already worked together in the past, having starred together in the 2017 tvN crime series Criminal Minds.


9 New Korean Dramas to Watch in July 2020

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