A DeadbEAT’s Meal

A DeadbEAT's Meal (백수세끼) torrent
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  • Drama: A DeadbEAT’s Meal (백수세끼)
  • Network: TVING, Naver TV
  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: December 10, 2021 — (TVING) / December 17, 2021 — (Naver TV)
  • Air Time: Friday


A DeadbEAT’s Meal is a story about three meals of a man, Kim Jae-ho (Ha Seok-jin), who skips meals even after a breakup. It is based on the popular webtoon of the same name, ‘Three Meals a Day’ (author Cheese), which is serialized in popularity on Naver Webtoon. This is the first joint production between Playlist and Studio N. Ha Seok-jin, Go Won-hee, and Lim Hyeon-joo’s colorful appearances, food, and mukbang are expected to be included in the work.

According to the production team, Kim Jae-ho, who does not know how to get out of bed even in the midst of the sun, is an involuntary man. It has already been two years since he entered the job market after preparing for the police civil service exam for a long time, but the ‘final pass’ is still the news. Whenever that happens, the one thing that gives Jae-ho strength is a delicious meal. He is happy as if he had everything in the world even if he only had rice with butter and soy sauce. Jae-ho, who said, “Even if you are surrounded by the world and kicked by my lover, is hungry and eats over.” That’s how he lives today, overcoming the twists and turns of life with his heart.

The same goes for Yeo Eun-ho (Go Won-hee), a voluntary woman who gains strength by eating delicious food. After leaving the company because she could no longer see her life losing its light due to the high intensity of labor, she was treated like a distinguished guest. If gourmet Jae-ho solves a delicious meal with instant food and cooking ‘Cheat Kittem’, Eun-ho prepares a healthy table with vegetables and fresh ingredients grown by herself.

Su-jeong Seo (played by Lim Hyeon-joo) is a freshwoman who is working hard to adapt to the company life. She doesn’t have time to prepare rice because she’s so busy every day. At least, things were different when she dated gourmet Jae-ho, but after they parted because of their indifference, ‘meal’ became simply a matter of survival.

‘A DeadbEAT’s Meal’, where delicious food is topped like toppings in each episode’s sympathetic story, will comfort the weary daily life of the fiercely living youth.

A DeadbEAT’s Meal

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A DeadbEAT’s Meal

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