A Little Princess

A Little Princess (감쪽같은 그녀)
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A Little Princess follows the formula of a typical Korean comedy and a new wave, which induces curiosity in the early stages, and in the middle causes laughter through episodes of savage children and adults, and drives them into a new wave in the second half. It can be seen as a movie that relies on acting rather than lean on the story.

  • Movie: A Little Princess (감쪽같은 그녀)
  • Air Date: December 4, 2019
  • Duration: 104 minutes
  • Official Website


“Excuse me in the first place!”,

At the end of the 72-year-old Mal-Soon (Na Moon-hee), a grandmother who continues a pleasant life by wrinkling the neighborhood with her specialty in matching pictures of embroidery and pocket money.

One day, a twelve-year-old Gong-Joo (means Princess) (Kim Soo-ahn) appears, who suddenly introduces herself as a granddaughter. Moreover, even the sweetest younger brother Jinju.

Two people whose appearance, personality, taste, etc. are all contradictory. There is no day to be quiet even for one day, but at the moment when it is necessary, they are on my side and become special beings to each other.

In front of Mal-Soon and Gong-Joo, who were building friendships like that, an unexpected event comes.

A Little Princess 

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A Little Princess

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