A Quiet Dream

A Quiet Dream 춘몽
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A Quiet Dream: Ik-jun (Yang Ik-June), an old-fashioned guy who wanders around the market and makes jokes. Jung-Bum (Park Jung-Bum) was kicked out of the factory without receiving any overdue salary. The son of a foolish landlord, Jong-Bin (Yoon Jong-Bin), a flimsy gold spoon.

  • Movie: A Quiet Dream (춘몽)
  • Air Date: October 13, 2016
  • Duration: 101 minutes
  • Official Website


And there is a sharp edge that they all like and care about. “Hometown Inn,” run by Ye-Ri (Han Ye-Ri), who cares for her sick father, is their only refuge and oasis. Then one day, a new man appeared in Yeri’s hometown, who always thought she was his own goddess.

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A Quiet Dream

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