A Single Rider

A Single Rider (싱글라이더)
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  • Movie: A Single Rider (싱글라이더)
  • Release Date: February 22, 2017
  • Runtime: 97 min.


A Single Rider is expressed subtly and subtly from start to finish. The overall plot, atmosphere, and characters all seem to be deeply involved in each other, but in reality, everyone is single-rider, revolving around the periphery of their lives. Especially Kang Jae-hoon (Lee Byung-hun).

Jae-hoon is a branch manager of a securities company and is a goose father who sent his wife Su-jin (Gong Hyo-jin) and son Jin-woo to Australia. Then one day, as the company sells bad debts and is hit with a mace, Jae-hoon also falls into a pit. At a dead end in life, Jae-hoon heads to Australia where he lives. The film is set in Australia, and shows Jae-hoon wandering around his family.

Jaehoon is wearing a black suit all the time. He hovers around his wife’s house, with no will or energy, and watches. It never comes close. I just watch my family without me. It is only then that his past and present look interspersed from time to time. Perhaps it was wrong that he suggested his wife stay in Australia first, but Jae-hoon eventually took the woes of his life by using the image he had made as a trap.

Jae-hoon meets Ji-Na (Ahn So-hee) in Australia. It looked like it was lively differently from him, but it was a moment that needed someone’s rescue even after Ji-Na. As they meet at the same time, Jae-hoon seems to save Ji-Na, but in the end, Ji-Na was also destined to be free from the woes of life.

The movie expresses all of these things very vaguely. Jaehoon constantly revolves around his family as a third party in his life. On the fringes of your being, you just look, guess, and think alone. Doesn’t communicate. So, a little frustrating and a little more pitiful, as a ‘single rider’, I just end my life alone.

A Single Rider

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A Single Rider

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