A Stray Goat

A Stray Goat (눈발)
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A Stray Goat is a heartbreaking story about a boy, Min-sik (Park Jin-young), who comes to a village where it doesn’t snow, and meets Ye-ju (Ji-woo), a girl with a frozen heart.

  • Movie: A Stray Goat (눈발)
  • Release Date: March 1, 2017
  • Runtime: 91 min.


Ji-woo said, “I think it was a great help to the lonely Ye-ju (person in the play).”

She said “(goat) is an animal, so there are days when I’m not in good shape.” “One day, when I looked at the horns, they were different. They said that the shape of the horns change depending on the condition.”

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A Stray Goat

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