A Superior Day

A Superior Day (우월한 하루) torrent
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  • Drama: A Superior Day (우월한 하루)
  • Network: OCN
  • Episodes: 8
  • Air Date: March 13, 2022 —
  • Air Time: Sunday 22:30
  • Official Website


A Superior Day is a 24-hour runaway thriller in which an ordinary man must kill the serial killer who lives next door to save his kidnapped daughter, in which only the most superior survive.

Jin-goo takes on the role of Lee Ho-cheol, a firefighter who has to rescue his kidnapped daughter. He is a typical father with nothing special, and he is the head of the household who can do anything to protect his family. Due to the ugly world, his worries increase day by day, and he quarrels with his daughter for constant nagging, but his love for his family remains the same.

Lee Ho-cheol, who had an easy day as usual, witnesses the abduction of his daughter in front of his eyes, and is in imminent danger of finding and killing a serial killer within 24 hours. In a situation where he can’t waste even one minute, one second, he starts a runaway to save his daughter.

A Superior Day

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A Superior Day

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