A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters lim soo-jung (장화, 홍련)
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  • Movie: A Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련)
  • Release Date: June 13, 2003
  • Runtime: 115 minutes


In a sparsely populated country, a Japanese-style wooden house stands alone at the end of a new road lined with wild flowers of unknown names. The beautiful house, as if you could hear the sound of a piano during the day, begins to emit an eerie gloom when darkness falls. Two beautiful sisters who are neither adults nor children in this house with unusual aura. The day I started living with Su-mi (Lim Soo-Jung), Su-yeon (Moon Geun-young), and a beautiful but sensitive stepmother (Yum Jung-Ah). The family’s fairy tale begins.

The day Suyeon and Sumi sisters returned from a long medical treatment in Seoul. Her stepmother Eun-joo is visibly welcoming to her children, but her sister shows no signs of reluctance to her. From the first day they live together, a strange aura permeates the house, and the family sees visions or suffers from nightmares. Su-mi tries to take care of her father Mu-hyeon (Kim Kap-Soo) and her younger sister Su-yeon in place of her dead mother, and Su-yeon, who resembles her birth mother, is always terrified.

Eun-joo, who is sensitive to nerves, often quarrels with these two sisters, and her father, Mu-hyeon, simply watches their feud. Eun-joo shows signs of emotional instability and drives her family into an atmosphere of fear, and while Su-mi, who is struggling to protect her younger sister, confronts it, strange things start to happen in various parts of the house.

A Tale of Two Sisters

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A Tale of Two Sisters

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