Beautiful Vampire

Beautiful Vampire (뷰티풀 뱀파이어)
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  • Movie: Beautiful Vampire (뷰티풀 뱀파이어)
  • Release Date: July 13, 2018
  • Air Time: 72 minutes


Beautiful Vampire happens in a quiet alley in Mangwon-dong, which is rapidly becoming ‘hip’, there is Ran (Jung Yeon-joo), a vampire who has been running a small makeup shop for 500 years. One day, a new building owner (Park Jun-myeon) appears and Ran is in danger of being kicked out. “Why don’t you collect money even after saving 500 years?”

And another person appeared in front of her. He is a boy (Song Kang), the only person with the same scent as Jin-yi who loved Ran just the way he was in the past. His scent tries to awaken Ran’s vampire instinct that has been suppressed for 500 years. Dangerous. Is it because of the boy or the scent that her heart is beating so fast now?

Beautiful Vampire 

  Beautiful (16.7 KiB, 33 hits)

Beautiful Vampire

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