Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong

Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong (자전차왕 엄복동)
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Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong is a movie about Uhm Bok-Dong (Rain), the ‘Oriental Bike King’ who swept the entire East Asia by winning first place in the All-Chosun Automobile Competition for the first time as a Korean, beating out Japanese players in an era where hope was lost during the Japanese colonial period.

Uhm Bok-Dong (Rain), who delivered hope to the nation as much as Sohn Ki-jung at the time, is not well known about him. As a result, interest in the new character that ‘Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong’ will show has been pouring in.

  • Movie: Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong (자전차왕 엄복동)/ Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong
  • Release Date: February 27, 2019
  • Runtime: 118 min.
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Jung Ji-hoon, who plays the main character, Uhm Bok-Dong, and Lee Beom-soo, who appeared as producer and actor, said that they wanted to introduce the character of Um Bok-dong to the audience. He said he wanted to tell the story of Um Bok-dong, who gave hope to our people through his pure passion and effort for bicycles. However, contrary to their words, ‘Bicycle King Eom Bok-dong’ combines a fictional story with a real person, Uhm Bok-Dong, by introducing a fictional independence movement organization, the Patriotic Troupe, who aspires to independence instead of focusing on the character Eom Bok-dong.

Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong 

  Bicycle King Uhm (99.4 KiB, 29 hits)

Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong

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