‘Birthcare Center’ Uhm Ji-Won & Park Ha-sun, unveil the main posters

Birthcare Center 산후조리원
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tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Birthcare Center‘ released the main poster and the first teaser video to stimulate curiosity with the confirmation of broadcasting in November.

Birthcare Center‘ (8 episodes) is a passionate birth noir in which the youngest executive in the company and Hyun-jin, the oldest mother in the hospital, go through a disaster-like birth and adaptation to a distress-level Birthcare Center, and grow up with the culinary workers.

The released main poster first catches the attention of Uhm Ji-Won and Park Ha-sun enjoying the last supper at the Postnatal Care Center before the mother’s life begins. Their Last Supper, whose mysterious atmosphere and somehow feel even treasured, is enough to increase curiosity about the work.

The contrasting appearance of Cho Eun-jeong (Park Ha-sun), who seems to be conscious of the oldest mothers in the Birthcare Center, Oh Hyun-jin (played by Uhm Ji-Won) and Hyun-jin, who looks elegant but looks at the front with fearful expressions at the Postnatal Care Center, is showing a relaxed expression. Here, the appearance of Choi Hye-sook (Jang Hye-jin), the director of the Birthcare Center, and Iruda (Choi-ri), a mother in their 20s, looking at Hyun-jin and Eun-jeong with mysterious expressions raises questions.

Also, the text “Is this a’real’ heaven?” raises interest in a space called a Postnatal Care Center that has never been covered. In particular, the strange combination of childcare products among the luxurious tableware foretells the upcoming situation and raises expectations to the fullest.

'Birthcare Center' Uhm Ji-Won, Park Ha-sun, Jang Hye-jin, and Choi-ri, unveil the main posters

The first teaser video released with the main poster opens the door to the postpartum world that has never been seen before, leaving a strong impact. The first teaser video with the veil removed begins with a still image in the portraits of Hyunjin and Eunjung.

Soon, the mysterious smiles of Hyunjin and Eunjung, Hyesuk and Luda elegantly holding a teacup, create a subtle atmosphere and overwhelm the gaze. In the video that follows, the heavenly appearances of the top-notch Birthcare Center pass through paintings, amplifying curiosity. Here, the appearance of Hyunjin as if entering the Birthcare Center with a text of “You have entered the postpartum world” raises the curiosity of the postpartum world to the maximum.

The production crew of ‘Birthcare Center‘ said, “The life at the Postnatal Care Center is usually called ‘heaven’, and I wanted to give a twist to the image of the Birthcare Center. Please look forward to their time of adaptation to the distress level Birthcare Center. In addition, the perfect breath of actors Uhm Ji-Won, Park Ha-sun, Jang Hye-jin and Choi-ri will show synergies beyond expectations, so please pay attention”, raising expectations for the work.

On the other hand, tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Birthcare Center‘ is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in November.



‘Birthcare Center’ Uhm Ji-Won & Park Ha-sun, unveil the main posters

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