Black Light

Black Light (빛과 철) torrent
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  • Movie: Black Light (빛과 철)
  • Release Date: February 18, 2021
  • Runtime: 107 min.


Those who have experienced pain are sucked into the depths of their inner being and are trapped in dark emotions. And you scratch yourself. The movie ‘Black Light’, which tells us to raise our inner self toward those who have been hurt, to face them again and overcome them, is such a film.

Two women lost their husbands in one car accident. Hee-ju (Kim Si-eun)’s husband is dead. Yeongnam (Yeom Hye-ran)’s husband is alive, but has been unconscious for two years.

Hee-ju, who returns to her hometown two years after the accident, happens to meet Yeong-nam. Hee-joo only suffers at the thought that he is the perpetrator and Yeong-nam is the victim. In addition, Eun-yeong (Park Ji-hoo), the daughter of Yeong-nam, also circles around her.

Suffering from guilt and tinnitus, Hee-joo thinks that she may be the victim, not the perpetrator, with Eun-young’s words. Hee-joo starts digging into the car accident two years ago again. The emotions that Hee-Ju and Young-Nam each struggled to suppress come out one by one, and their emotions collide violently.

Black Light 

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Black Light

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