Bleak Night

Bleak Night 파수꾼
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Bleak Night: One boy died. The boy’s father (Cho Seong-Ha), who was usually indifferent to his son, is very confused by the sudden vacancy of his son, and with belated guilt and helplessness, he begins to pursue the death of his son Gi-Tae (Lee Je-Hoon).

  • Movie: Bleak Night (춘몽)
  • Air Date: March 3, 2011
  • Duration: 116 minutes
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In the pictures that were carefully kept in the son’s desk drawer, there are Dong-Yoon (Seo Jun-Young) and Baek Hee-Joon (Park Jung-Min). However, when he visited the school, he finally found out that one child transferred to school and one child did not even come to the funeral.

Something is weird. Meanwhile, Hee-Joon, who was barely found, said that “the best friend of Gi-Tae was Dong-yoon” and avoided a detailed answer. In the end, Hee-Joon went to find Dong-yoon at the request of his father. However, there are no friends who dropped out of school and left.

A tragic catastrophe caused by misunderstanding of immature communication in those days of innocence. The violence brought about by arbitrary friendship and the spread of the wound hurts us and leads to a shocking end. What happened between the three friends who were all of each other?

Bleak Night

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Bleak Night

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