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  • Movie: Bluebeard (해빙)
  • Release Date: March 1, 2017
  • Runtime: 117 minutes


Bluebeard is a psychological thriller film about a man who encounters a secret under the water as the frozen Han River melts and a corpse rises.

Seung-Hoon (Cho Jin-Woong), a physician, brought a large amount of private debt and moved to a new city in Gyeonggi-do alone after divorce from his wife when the hospital he opened in Gangnam went bankrupt. Seung-hoon, who works as a salaried doctor at a private hospital run by his senior, is in charge of endoscopy.

One day, the father of the landlord, who lives in rent, comes to the hospital for an endoscopy, and during the endoscopy, he spit out, “Limbs and legs on Hannam Bridge, body on Dongho Bridge…”.

Seung-hoon hears the confession of murder by an elderly man with dementia alone, and from then on, he is engulfed in suspicion and fear.

The new town Seung-hoon moved to is the place where an unsolved serial murder case occurred 15 years ago, and murders occur again in this area that has been quiet for a while.

Seung-hoon is suspicious of all the actions of Jeong-no-nam (Shin-goo) and Seong-geun (Kim Dae-myung), who run a meat restaurant. A chunk of meat hanging from a butcher’s refrigerator, a bloody cutting board, and even objects piled up in a black bag are thought to be related to murder.

Doubt begets doubt, and fear eventually turns into fear, imprisoning him. Then, when his ex-wife, who came to him, also disappears, his heart turns to certainty.

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