Borrowed Body

Borrowed Body park hye-eun(빌린 몸)
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  • Drama: Borrowed Body (빌린 몸)
  • Network: Kakao TV
  • Episodes: 15
  • Air Date: 2022 —
  • Run Time:


Borrowed Body is based on the original webtoon of the same name by writer Park Sae-ae, it was officially serialized on Kakao Page and secured a fandom of more than 380,000 readers. In addition to the fantasy element of body change, it is planned to dynamically depict the growth of the youth of our time by unfolding a wide range of mysterious events in the anonymous world of the Internet to the romance of serious and fierce teenagers.

It is a fantasy mystery planned by Kakao Entertainment, which presents the grammar of new content in the new media era, and is expected to be produced by Studio 329 of ‘Human Class‘, a work that created a sensation by depicting social problems of teenagers through unconventional storytelling.

Park Hye-eun takes on the role of Da-rim, who is the owner of a playful and lovely charm, and does not miss the first place in both studies and sports. Ki Da-Rim is the class president of ‘popularity and charm’, and she is a person who is loved by everyone who radiates positive energy infinitely in everything. She is caught up in an unexpected incident due to a body change with Lee Sang-yu (Nam Yoon-soo), a childhood friend and unrequited love of her, and faces the other side of her world that she should not have known.

In particular, it is expected to captivate viewers with a variety of chemistry, from the fresh romance with Nam Yoon-soo to the strange love triangle with Yoon Ho-young (Ryeo-woon), who suddenly appeared in front of her one day and fell in love with her at first sight.

Borrowed Body


Borrowed Body

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