Unlock My Boss

Drama: Unlock My Boss (사장님을 잠금해제) Network: ENA Episodes:  Air Date: December 7, 2022 – Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 Summary Unlock My Boss depicts the collaboration between the boss who gets caught up in a suspicious incident and gets trapped in his smartphone, and the job seeker whose life changes after he picks up the strange […]

Recipe for Farewell

Drama: Recipe for Farewell (오늘은 좀 매울지도 몰라)/ It May Be A Little Spicy Today Network: Watcha Episodes: 12 Air Date: December 1, 2022 — Summary Recipe for Farewell is based on the true story of writer Kang Chang-rae and based on the book of the same name. ‘Recipe for Farewell’ is a human drama depicting […]

Alchemy of Souls 2

Drama:  Alchemy of Souls 2 (환혼2) Network: tvN Episodes: 10 Air Date: December 10, 2022 – January 8, 2023 Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 21:10 Official Website Summary Alchemy of Souls 2 is a duo with a reversal of the relationship between Lee Jae-wook (Jang-wook) and Jung So-min (Mu-Deok). ‘Alchemy of Souls’ is set in a […]

The First Responders

Drama: The First Responders (천원짜리 변호사) Network: SBS Episodes: 12 Air Date: November 12 – December 23, 2022 Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10 Official Website Summary The First Responders is attracting attention with the appearances of Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-jun, and Gong Seung-yeon. Kim Rae-won plays Jin Ho-gae, a hot-blooded detective with the highest arrest rate, […]

Curtain Call

Drama: Curtain Call (커튼콜: 나무는 서서 죽는다) Network: KBS2 Episodes: 16 Air Date: October 31 – December 27, 2022 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30 Official Website Summary Curtain Call is a work about people involved in the drama of a man who plays a grandson who defected to fulfill the last wish of an elderly […]

Summer Strike

Drama: Summer Strike (아무것도 하고 싶지 않아)/ I Don’t Want To Do Anything Network: ENA, Genie TV, Seezn Episodes: 12 Air Date: November 21, 2022 — Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:20 Summary Summer Strike is a drama between Yeoreum (Seol Hyun), a voluntary unemployed woman who declared a life strike, and Dae-beom (Im Si-wan), a librarian at […]

Reborn Rich

Drama: Reborn Rich/ The Chaebol’s Youngest Son (재벌집 막내아들) Network: JTBC Episodes: 16 Air Date: November 18 – December 25, 2022 Air Time: Friday-Sunday 22:30 Official Website Summary Reborn Rich is a fantasy regression in which Hyun-woo Yoon, a secretary who manages the owner risk of the family of a conglomerate, returns to Jin Do-joon, the youngest […]

May I Help You

Drama:  May I Help You (일당백집사) Network: MBC Episodes:  Air Date: October 19, 2022 — Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:50 Official Website Summary May I Help You depicts a mutual aid project between a funeral director, Dong-ju Baek (Hyeri), who grants the wishes of the deceased, and Kim Jib-Sa (Lee Jun-Young), a life service […]

The Distributors

Movie: The Distributors (유포자들) Release Date: November 23, 2022 Runtime: 114 minutes Summary The Distributors is a crime-hunting thriller depicting the desperate pursuit of a man whose secrets are forcibly unlocked. In a modern society where people cannot be free from mobile phones, how inadvertently filmed videos can lead humans to destruction. The main poster released this […]

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