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Welcome to Wedding Hell

Drama: Welcome to Wedding Hell (결혼백서) / Marriage White Paper Network: KakaoTV Episodes: 12 Air Date: May 23, 2022 — Air Time: Mondays to Wednesday 19:00 (30 minutes) Summary Welcome to Wedding Hell is a romance that unfolds in the process of preparing for marriage for a couple in their 30s, which seemed to be the […]

Her Bucket List

Drama: Her Bucket List (그녀의 버킷리스트) Network: KaKao TV Episodes: 1 Air Date: December 31, 2021 Air Time: 40 minutes Summary Her Bucket List is a romantic comedy that tells the story of two couples who are related to the perfect bucket list of Da-ho-dok, who is trying to follow her deceased boyfriend to death. Actress […]

No, Thank You 2

Drama: No, Thank You 2 / The In-Laws (며느라기2) Network: Kakao TV Episodes: 12 Air Date: January 8, 2022 — Run Time: Sunday Summary No, Thank You 2 is about pregnancy, childbirth, childrearing, and divorce. These will appear as a major ‘problem situation’. Unlike Season 1, which was based on a webtoon by Shin Ji-ji, Season […]

No, Thank You

Drama: No, Thank You / The In-Laws (며느라기) Network: Kakao TV Episodes: 12 Air Date: November 21, 2020 – February 6, 2021 Run Time: 20 minutes Official Website Summary There is no such thing in the world, but we just have to adapt to each other according to the situation, so why does everyone think and […]

Mr. Lee

Drama: Mr. Lee (미스터LEE) Network: Kakao TV Episodes: 5 Air Date: November 29 – December 27, 2021 Air Time: Monday 16:00 Summary Mr. Lee is a new concept mystery in which Mr. Lee (Park Gun-il), a homicide detective with extraordinary four-dimensional charm, tracks the death of Cha Eun-joo (Shin Bo-ra)’s fiancee, Kim Kyung-ho (Park Min-jae). The love […]

Love & Wish

Drama: Love & Wish (러브 앤 위시) Network: KaKao TV Episodes: 9 episodes Air Date: December 24, 2021– Air Time: 20 minutes Summary Love & Wish depicts the fresh love, friendship, and growing pains of a high school student through a female protagonist who dreams of a fateful love and a male protagonist who suffers from being involved […]

Shadow Beauty

Drama: Shadow Beauty (그림자 미녀) Network: KakaoTV Episodes: 13 Air Date: November 20 – December 29, 2021 Summary ‘Shadow Beauty’ is a work depicting a double life after school of high school girl Koo Ae-jin (Shim Dal-gi), who is bullied at school but lives as a gorgeous star ‘Genie’ on social media. The mystery code added […]

The Great Shaman Ga Doo-Shim

Drama: The Great Shaman Ga Doo-Shim (우수무당 가두심) Network: KaKaoTV Episodes: 12 Air Date: July 30, 2021 Air Time: 20 minutes each episode Official Website Summary The Great Shaman Ga Doo-Shim is a shaman ‘Ga Doo-shim’ (Kim Sae-ron), a girl born with an unwanted fate, and Na-su (Nam Da-Reum) is a high school exorcist who […]

Pumpkin Time

Drama: Pumpkin Time (펌킨타임) Network: KaKao TV Episodes: 10 episodes Air Date: December 17, 2021 – Air Time: Summary Pumpkin Time is a romance fantasy drama with subtle emotions and fantasy of love and friendship. Based on a webtoon by Da-Rae Gae, it is expected to have an interesting story and unique subject matter of body change. […]

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