Korean Dramas

Crash Course in Romance

Drama:  Crash Course in Romance (일타 스캔들) Network: tvN Episodes:  Air Date: January 14, 2023 — Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 21:10 Official Website Summary Crash Course in Romance depicts the bittersweet romance between Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), the hot-blooded president of a national side dish store, and Choi Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho), a South Korean math […]

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Drama: Kokdu: Season of Deity (꼭두의 계절)/ Season of Kok-Du Network: MBC Episodes:  Air Date: January 27, 2023 — Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00 Official Website Summary Season of Kok-Du is a fantasy romance in which Kokdu, a god of death who comes down to this world to punish humans every 99 years, meets Han […]

Red Balloon

Drama: Red Balloon (빨간풍선) Network: TV Chosun Episodes:  Air Date: December 17, 2022 — Air Time: Sunday 21:00 Official Website Summary Red Balloon is a drama about the relative deprivation we all suffer from, the thirst of desire that hurts our stomachs, and our thrilling stories of struggling to soothe that thirst. ‘Red Balloon’ is […]


Drama: Agency (대행사) Network: JTBC Episodes: 16 Air Date: January 7, 2023 — Air Time: Saturday-Sunday 22:30 Official Website Summary Agency is about a VC group’s first female executive, ‘Go Ah-in’, who goes beyond the first and builds her career to the top position. It is a battle drama of desperate advertisers gracefully depicting the going away. Lee […]


Drama: Payback/ Law Money (법쩐) Network: SBS Episodes:  Air Date: January 6, 2023– Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10 Official Website Summary Law Money is a revenge play in which a hedge fund manager does not remain silent against unrighteous power and confronts it in his own way. Lee Sun-Kyun plays Eun-yong, a faceless hedge fund manager […]

Three Bold Siblings

Drama: Three Bold Siblings (삼남매가 용감하게)/ Three Siblings Bravely Network: KBS2 Episodes:  Air Date: September 24, 2022 — Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55 Official Website Summary Three Bold Siblings is a story of love and war in a Korean-style family, where the eldest daughter (Lee Ha-Na), who had three brothers and sisters bravely yielded for […]

The Interest of Love

Drama: The Interest of Love (사랑의 이해) Network: JTBC Episodes: 16 Air Date: December 21, 2022 — Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30 Official Website Summary The Interest of Love is a melodrama that tells the story of people with different interests meeting and understanding the meaning of true love. Ha Sang-soo (played by Yoo Yeon-seok), Soo-young (played […]

Can We Be Strangers

Drama: Strangers Again/ Can We Be Strangers (남이 될 수 있을까) Network: ENA Episodes: 12 Air Date: January 18, 2023 — Summary Can We Be Strangers is a drama about divorce lawyers’ love and life growth period, where divorce is easy and separation is difficult. Kang So-ra plays Oh Ha-Ra, a star lawyer called the goddess of […]

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