Unlock My Boss

Drama: Unlock My Boss (사장님을 잠금해제) Network: ENA Episodes:  Air Date: December 7, 2022 – Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 Summary Unlock My Boss depicts the collaboration between the boss who gets caught up in a suspicious incident and gets trapped in his smartphone, and the job seeker whose life changes after he picks up the strange […]

The King of Desert

Drama: The King of Desert (사막의 왕) Network: Watcha Episodes: 6 Air Date: December 16, 2022 Runtime:  Summary The King of Desert, which tells the story of people who believe that money is everything and the choices of those who believe that money is not everything. The main poster released draws attention to the determined appearance […]

Love is for Suckers

Drama: Love is for Suckers (얼어죽을 연애따위) Network: ENA Episodes: 16 Air Date: October 5 – December 1, 2022 Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 Summary Love is for Sucker is a ‘real survival romance’ in which 20-year-old best friends ‘Gu Yeo-Reum’ and ‘Jae-hoon’ unexpectedly meet as romantic reality show PDs and performers, and feel unexpected love feelings. Lee […]

Weak Hero Class 1

Drama: Weak Hero Class 1 (약한영웅) Network: Wavve Episodes: 8 Air Date: November 18, 2022 Summary Weak Hero Class 1 is the story of a weak boy who fights against numerous violence with Yeon Si-eun (Park Ji-Hoon ), the top 1% schoolboy, with Suho (Choi Hyun-Wook) and Beom-seok (Hong Kyung ), who became friends for the […]

Seasons of Blossom

Drama: Seasons of Blossom (청춘 블라썸) Network: Wavve Episodes:  Air Date: September 21, 2022 — Air Time: Wednesday 17:00 Summary Seasons of Blossom is about 6 years ago, the ‘past teenagers’ Ha Min (Seo Ji-hoon) X So-mang (So Ju-yeon) and the ‘current teenager’ Jae-min (Kim Min-gyu) X Bomi (Kang Hye-won), who are passing through their teens. […]

Good Job

Drama: Good Job (굿잡) Network: ENA, Olleh TV, Seezn Episodes: 12 Air Date: August 24 – September 29, 2022 Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 Summary Good Job is a heroic (Hero+Romantic) investigative drama about super-rich detective Eun Seon-woo (Jung Il-woo) and super-sighted Don Se-ra (Kwon Yu-ri), a man and a woman with special abilities. The reunion of Jung Il-woo and […]

X in Crisis

Drama: X in Crisis (위기의 X) Network: Wavve Episodes:  Air Date: September 2, 2022 — Summary X in Crisis is a comedy about a man in crisis (Kwon Sang-woo), who has faced the biggest decline in his life, from voluntary retirement, stock crashes, and soaring house prices. It’s a real-life comedy that brings souls together for […]


Drama: Uncle (엉클) Network: TV Chosun, Wavve Episodes: 16 Air Date: December 11, 2021 – January 30, 2022 Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00 Official Website Summary Uncle is a comical joyous growth and survival story of an uncle, a trash loser musician, who accidentally takes on the nephew of elementary school due to the divorce of […]

Love Scene Number

Drama: Love Scene Number (러브씬넘버) Network: MBC, Wavve Episodes: 8 Air Date: February 1 – March 22, 2021 Official Website Summary Love Scene Number is an omnibus type 8-part work that delicately depicts the complex psychology of being confused about love, love, and values ​​at the turning point of life for the 23, 29, 35, and 42-year-old […]

Tracer 2

Drama: Tracer 2 (트레이서 2) Network: Wavve, MBC Episodes: 8 Air Date: February 18, 2022 Official Website Summary In addition, thanks to the success of season 2, it climbed to the top of the viewing time until season 1, creating a craze for all seasons. In Season 2, which was released this time, the sharp confrontation […]

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