Drama: Jirisan (지리산)/ Jiri Mountain Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Air Date: October 23, 2021 Air Time: Sat. & Sun. 21:00 Official Website Summary Jirisan is a mystery drama depicting the story of Seo Yi-gang (Jeon Ji-hyun), the best ranger in Jirisan National Park, and Kang Hyeon-jo (Ju Ji-hoon), a new ranger with an unspeakable secret, digging […]


Drama: Lost (이벤트를 확인하세요) / No Longer Human / Human Disqualification Network: JTBC Episodes: Air Date: September 4, 2021 Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30 Official Website Summary Lost tells the story of ordinary people walking towards the light, who suddenly realize that ‘nothing has happened’ in the middle of the downhill road of life. It […]

One the Woman

Drama: One the Woman (원 더 우먼) Network: SBS Episodes: Air Date: 17 September, 2021 — Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10 Official Website Summary One the Woman is a double-life comic buster drama about a female prosecutor with 100% defectiveness, who entered the villain chaebol family after changing her life from a corruption prosecutor to […]

The Veil

Drama: The Veil (검은 태양) / Black Sun Network: MBC Episodes: 12 Air Date: September 17, 2021 — Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00 Official Website Summary The Veil depicts the story that takes place as the best field agent of the National Intelligence Service, who disappeared a year ago, returns to the organization to find the […]

Yumi’s Cells

Drama: Yumi’s Cells (유미의 세포들) Network: tvN, TVing Episodes: 14 Air Date: September 17 – October 30, 2021 Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:50 Official Website Summary The daily life of Yu-mi (Kim Go-eun) and the cells, who will draw a special story in ordinary daily life, stimulates anticipation. ‘Yumi’s Cells’, produced as a season, is a […]

Young Lady and Gentleman

Drama: Young Lady and Gentleman (신사와 아가씨) Network: KBS2 Episodes:  Air Date: September 25, 2021 — Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55 Official Website Summary Young Lady and Gentleman is a work that tells the tumultuous story of a gentleman (Ji Hyun-Woo) who takes responsibility for his choices and seeks happiness, and a young lady […]

Please Don’t Save Me

Movie: Please Don’t Save Me (나를 구하지 마세요) Release Date: September 10, 2020 Runtime: 96 min. Summary Please Don’t Save Me tells the story of a 12-year-old girl Seon-yu (Jo Seo-yeon), who lives in an unfamiliar place as if running away alone with her mother, after meeting an innocent boy, Jeong-guk (Choi Rowoon), at the school […]

The Labyrinth

Movie: The Labyrinth (화이트데이: 귀멸의 퇴마학교) Release Date: October 6, 2021 Runtime: 90 min. Summary The Labyrinth is a horror fantasy depicting the struggle to save friends from evil spirits that cause strange phenomena that happen late at night at school. It is a film adaptation of ‘White Day: A Labyrinth Named School’, which is […]

Tazza: One Eyed Jack

Tazza: One Eyed Jack is based on comic “Tazza: One-Eyed Jack” illustrated by Huh Young-Man and written by Kim Se-Young (published January 11, 2007 by Random House Korea). “Tajja: One-Eyed Jack” is the third comic published in the “Tazza” series. Movie: Tazza: One Eyed Jack Revised romanization: Tazza: One Aideu Jaek Hangul: 타짜: 원 아이드 잭 Director: […]

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