Romance of Their Own

Movie: Romance of Their Own (늑대의 유혹)/ Temptation of Wolves Release Date: July 23, 2004 Runtime: 113 minutes Summary Romance of Their Own shows the confrontation between Hae-won (Jo Han-seon) and Tae-seong (Gang Dong-won), the best of the two schools, with Han-gyeong (Lee Cheong-ah), who transferred to the school between them. Haewon is handsome, fights and has […]

Low Life

Movie: Low Life (하류인생)/ Downstream Release Date: May 21, 2004 Runtime: 105 minutes Summary Low Life is about Tae-Woong (Cho Seung-Woo), a third-year high school student, goes to a neighboring school to get revenge for his friend, and forms a strange bond with Seung-Moon (Yoo Ha-Jun)’s family. Seung-moon’s father, Park Il-won, ran as an independent in […]

My Brother

Movie: My Brother (우리 형) Air Date: October 08, 2004 Duration: 112 minutes Summary My Brother is the story of older brothers who fight almost every day in high school. It depicts the conflict and reconciliation between an older brother Seong-hyeon (Shin Ha-kyun), who is good at studying, and Jong-hyeon (Won-bin), a tough younger brother. Mi-ryeong, played […]

Something Happened In Bali

Something Happened In Bali is a drama that reveals the inner materialistic desires of people. It reflects upon the sometimes ugly (but truthful) side of man where nothing matters more than money. Drama: Something Happened In Bali / Memories of Bali Revised romanization: Ballieseo saengkin il Hangul: 발리에서 생긴 일 Director: Choi Mun-Seok Assistant Director: […]

Lovers in Paris

Drama: Lovers in Paris (파리의연인 / 파리의 연인) Network: SBS Episodes: 20 Air Date: June 12 – August 15, 2004 Official Website Synopsis Lovers in Paris is no different from other Cinderella dramas in terms of its structure. A wealthy and capable second-generation chaebol and a woman like a mother-in-law and full of mistakes, but with […]

Fox with Nine Tails: Forbidden Love

Fox with Nine Tails: Forbidden Love: Shi Yeon is a Nine-Tailed Fox living undercover in the human world. By day, Shi Yeon is an employee at a natural history museum. By night, she’s a top-ranking woman warrior in the Nine-Tailed Fox clan, charged with preserving the delicate balance between man and fox. But her world […]

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