Behind The White Tower

Behind The White Tower is based on novel “Shiroi Kyoto” by Toyoko Yamasaki (published from September, 1963 to June, 1965 in magazine Sunday Mainichi ). Drama: Behind The White Tower / The Great White Tower Revised romanization: Hayeon Keotap Hangul: 하얀 거탑 / 하얀거탑 Director: An Pan-Seok, Kwan-seok Han Writer: Toyoko Yamasaki (novel) Network: MBC […]

The Lucifer

“The Lucifer” is a story about two men who were predestined to confront each other over a tragic incident that happened when they were young, and a woman who has psychometric powers. Through the bitter fight of its main characters and their desperate attempts to uncover the truth, this drama attempts to find answers to […]

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