Small Town Rivals

Movie: Small Town Rivals (이장과 군수) Release Date: March 29, 2007 Runtime: 113 minutes Synopsis Small Town Rivals, which deals with what happens when an old country bachelor, who served as the class leader when he was young, and a friend who was only a vice-teacher in his later years meet 20 years later with the reversed […]

Hwang Jin-Yi

Movie: Hwang Jin-Yi (황진이) Release Date: June 6, 2007 Runtime: 141 minutes Synopsis Hwang Jin-Yi tells the story of Hwang Jin-Yi (Song Hye-kyo), who grew up as a daughter of a noble family in the 16th century, when women were the land and the people were animals. When the secret of her birth is revealed, Hwang […]

Behind The White Tower

Behind The White Tower is based on novel “Shiroi Kyoto” by Toyoko Yamasaki (published from September, 1963 to June, 1965 in magazine Sunday Mainichi ). Drama: Behind The White Tower / The Great White Tower Revised romanization: Hayeon Keotap Hangul: 하얀 거탑 / 하얀거탑 Director: An Pan-Seok, Kwan-seok Han Writer: Toyoko Yamasaki (novel) Network: MBC […]

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