A Reason To Live

Movie: A Reason To Live (오늘) Air Date: October, 2011 (Busan International Film Festival) Duration: 119 minutes Summary A Reason To Live is a film about the confusion and sadness that a documentary producer Da-Hye (Song Hye-Kyo) who forgives a 17-year-old boy who killed her fiancé (Ki Tae-Young) suffers as her forgiveness brings unexpected results […]


Always is about a love story centered on ex-boxer Chul-min and a blind telemarketer Jung-hwa. Movie: Always (English title) / Only You (literal title) Revised romanization: Ohjik Geudaeman Hangul: 오직 그대만 Director: Song Il-Gon Writer: Song Il-Gon, Roh Hong-Jin, Yoo Young-A Producer: Moon Bomi Cinematographer: Hong Kyung-Pyo World Premiere: October 6, 2011 (Busan International Film […]

Athena: Goddess of War – The Movie

Athena: Goddess of War is about What is the real identity of Athena and what does Hye-In and Son-Hyuk hide in their NTS “solutions” group? Movie: Athena: Goddess of War Revised romanization: Atena: Jeonjaengui Yeosin Hangul: 아테나: 전쟁의 여신 Director: Kim Young-Joon, Kim Tae-Hoon, Hwang Jung-Hyun Writer: Kim Hyun-Joon, Yoo Nam-Gyung Producer: Jung Tae-Won Official Website Synopsis Sometime in the near future, the Korean […]

Living Among The Rich

Living Among The Rich tells a story about the events that happen while running a boarding house and a comic book store in a run down 2-story building located in an about-to-be redeveloped luxury street in Cheongdam Dong. Drama: Living Among The Rich (English title) / Live in Cheongdam-Dong (literal title) Revised romanization: Cheongdamdong Salayo […]

In Need of Romance

In Need of Romance is a story of the love, lives, marriage, careers and families of single and independent career women in their 30s. Drama: In Need of Romance (English title) / I Need Romance (literal title) Revised romanization: Romaenseuga Pilyohae Hangul: 로맨스가 필요해 Director: Lee Chang-Han Writer: Jung Hyun-Jung Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Release […]

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