Love Forecast

Love Forecast: An elegant weather reporter on TV and a foul-mouthed boozer off, Hyun-woo juggles three relationships with three men of different personalities. This is the “love story” of her life. Movie: Love Forecast (English title) / Today’s Love (literal title) Revised romanization: Oneului Yeonae Hangul: 오늘의 연애 Director: Park Jin-Pyo Writer: Park Jin-Pyo, Lee […]

Love and…

Love and… is about a granddaughter (Han Ye-Ri) visits her grandfather (Ahn Sung-Ki) in a psychiatric ward. While talking, the grandfather gives an apple to a janitor (Moon So-Ri) whom he likes. Movie: Love and… Revised romanization: Pilreumsidaesarang Hangul: 필름시대사랑 Director: Zhang Lu Writer: Zhang Lu Producer: Jo Hyun-Jung Cinematographer: Jo Young-Jik Release Date: October […]

The Advocate: A Missing Body

The Advocate: A Missing Body starts when his client suddenly confesses to murder in open court, a hotshot attorney embarks on a search for truth to redeem his ruined reputation. Movie: The Advocate: A Missing Body (English title) / Angry Lawyer (literal title) Revised romanization: Sungnan Byeonhosa Hangul: 성난 변호사 Director: Huh Jong-Ho Writer: Lee […]

The Shameless

The Shameless is about a homicide detective tries to flush out a mob enforcer by befriending the suspect’s beautiful girlfriend, but soon develops romantic feelings for her. Movie: The Shameless (English title) / The Rogue (literal title) Revised romanization: Moorwehan Hangul: 무뢰한 Director: Oh Seung-Uk Writer: Oh Seung-Uk Producer: Guk Soo-Ran, Han Jae-Duk Cinematographer: Kang Guk-Hyun […]

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