Love Revolution

Drama: Love Revolution (연애혁명) Network: Kakao TV Episodes: 30 Air Date: September 1, 2020 – December 27, 2020 Summary Love Revolution centers on the charming and lovely Gong ju-young (Park Ji-hoon), who fell in love with Wong Wong-rim (Lee Ruby), the hard-nosed information high school goddess, at first sight, and the romance, friendship, and dreams of teenagers. […]

Lie After Lie

Drama: Lie After Lie (거짓말의 거짓말)/ Lies of Lies (literal title) Network: Channel A Episodes: 16 Release Date: September 4 – October 24, 2020 Official Website Synopsis Lie After Lie is a suspenseful melodrama about a woman who risked her life to recover her real daughter. The first preview video that was released started with Ji […]

Hanging On

Drama: Hanging On (놓지마 정신줄) Network: JTBC Episodes: 10 Air Date: August 7 – September 19, 2020 Summary Hanging On is based on the popular long-lived webtoon of the same name that has surpassed 2 billion views in 10 years, and contains the friendly and pleasant daily life of a family living with the ‘spirit cord’. The […]

No, Thank You

Drama: No, Thank You / The In-Laws (며느라기) Network: Kakao TV Episodes: 12 Air Date: November 21, 2020 – February 6, 2021 Run Time: 20 minutes Official Website Summary There is no such thing in the world, but we just have to adapt to each other according to the situation, so why does everyone think and […]

The Woman Who Ran

Movie: The Woman Who Ran (도망친 여자) Release Date: September 17, 2020 Air Time: 77 minutes Synopsis The Woman Who Ran is a movie that follows Gam-hee (Kim Min-hee), who meets three friends from the past through two promised meetings and one accidental meeting while her husband, who has never been apart after marriage, goes on […]

Please Don’t Save Me

Movie: Please Don’t Save Me (나를 구하지 마세요) Release Date: September 10, 2020 Runtime: 96 min. Summary Please Don’t Save Me tells the story of a 12-year-old girl Seon-yu (Jo Seo-yeon), who lives in an unfamiliar place as if running away alone with her mother, after meeting an innocent boy, Jeong-guk (Choi Rowoon), at the school […]

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