Please Don’t Save Me

Movie: Please Don’t Save Me (나를 구하지 마세요) Release Date: September 10, 2020 Runtime: 96 min. Summary Please Don’t Save Me tells the story of a 12-year-old girl Seon-yu (Jo Seo-yeon), who lives in an unfamiliar place as if running away alone with her mother, after meeting an innocent boy, Jeong-guk (Choi Rowoon), at the school […]


Diva is a mystery thriller about Lee Young (played by Shin Min Ah), nicknamed the “diva of the diving world.” After getting into an accident, madness steadily encroaches upon her as she struggles with her lost memories and trying to find her missing friend Soo Jin (played by Lee Yoo Young). Movie: Diva Revised romanization: Diba Hangul: 디바 Director: Jo […]

Young Adult Matters

Movie: Young Adult Matters (어른들은 몰라요) Release Date: May 15, 2020 Runtime: 127 min. Summary Young Adult Matters tells the story of a teenage pregnant woman, Se-jin (Lee Yoo-mi), abandoned by her family and school, and her friend Joo-yeong (Hani), who has been running away for four years, and begins a difficult miscarriage plan. Young […]

The Day I Died: Unclosed Case

The Day I Died: Unclosed Case is about gaining the courage to live again and not even giving up even after your life doesn’t go according to plan. Movie: The Day I Died: Unclosed Case Revised romanization: Naega Jookdeon Nal Hangul: 내가 죽던 날 Director: Park Ji-Wan Writer: Park Ji-Wan Producer: Cinematographer: Release Date: November 12, […]

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