Kokdu: Season of Deity

Drama: Kokdu: Season of Deity (꼭두의 계절)/ Season of Kok-Du Network: MBC Episodes:  Air Date: January 27, 2023 — Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00 Official Website Summary Season of Kok-Du is a fantasy romance in which Kokdu, a god of death who comes down to this world to punish humans every 99 years, meets Han […]

Big Bet 2

Drama: Big Bet/Casino (카지노) Network: Disney+ Episodes: 16 Air Date: December 21, 2022 — Air Time:  Summary Big Bet is a work that depicts the intense story of a man who became a casino legend in the Philippines, Cha Mu-Sik Cha, who has no money and background, gets caught up in a murder case and starts […]

Crash Course in Romance

Drama:  Crash Course in Romance (일타 스캔들) Network: tvN Episodes:  Air Date: January 14, 2023 — Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 21:10 Official Website Summary Crash Course in Romance depicts the bittersweet romance between Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), the hot-blooded president of a national side dish store, and Choi Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho), a South Korean math […]

The Heavenly Idol

Drama: The Heavenly Idol (성스러운 아이돌) Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Air Date: February 15, 2023 — Air Time: Wed. & Thur. 22:30 Official Website Summary Kim Min-gyu played the role of Lambrary, who was a high priest in a different world, but has now switched bodies with ‘Mang-dol’ (ruined idol) Woo Yeon-woo. The overwhelming aura emitted […]

Brain Works

Drama: Brain Works (커튼콜: 나무는 서서 죽는다) Network: KBS2 Episodes:  Air Date: January 2, 2023 — Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30 Official Website Summary Jung Yong-hwa plays the role of Shin Haru, a brain neuroscientist with a ‘very special brain’ who has everything, perfect looks and splendid speech, but lacks humanity in ‘Brain Works’. […]


Drama: Agency (대행사) Network: JTBC Episodes: 16 Air Date: January 7, 2023 — Air Time: Saturday-Sunday 22:30 Official Website Summary Agency is about a VC group’s first female executive, ‘Go Ah-in’, who goes beyond the first and builds her career to the top position. It is a battle drama of desperate advertisers gracefully depicting the going away. Lee […]

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