Cheer Up, Mr. Lee

Cheer Up, Mr. Lee 힘을 내요, 미스터 리

Cheer Up, Mr. Lee: As the movie, Embrace Mystery, was broadcast, the Daegu subway disaster was refocused. In the Daegu subway disaster, on February 18, 2003, at 9:53 am, a man in his mid-50s sprinkled gasoline and lit a fire, killing 192 people (including 6 unidentified people) and 148 people.

  • Movie: Cheer Up, Mr. Lee (힘을 내요, 미스터 리)
  • Air Date: September 11, 2019
  • Duration: 111 minutes
  • Official Website


It is an injured case. Cheol-Soo (Cha Seung-Won), the protagonist with a mental retardation disorder, is known as a master of handwriting at the famous restaurant ‘Daebok Kalguksu’, but the past as a firefighter who changed everyone’s fate gradually reveals. On the other hand, give up mystery is a story that happens when a child-like father, Cheol-Soo and an adult-like daughter, Saet-Byeol (Um Chae-Young), go on an unexpected trip.

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Cheer Up, Mr. Lee

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