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Crazy Love (크레이지 러브) torrent
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  • Drama: Crazy Love (크레이지 러브)
  • Network: KBS2, Disney+
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: March 7 – April 26, 2022
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30
  • Official Website


‘Crazy Love’ is a sweet and bloody transformational crazy romance drama about a leader of a class instructor who received a notice of murder and a secretary with zero presence who has been sentenced to death. The bloody show between two men and women, which started at a dead end in life, is expected to become sweet enough as time goes by.

Kim Jae-wook, who is returning to the drama two years after the drama ‘Her Private Life‘, takes on the role of ‘No Go-jin’, Korea’s best math instructor. Although he graduated from high school, he became the best instructor with a genius brain with an IQ of 190, and he is a positional figure who has risen to the top of the industry as a representative of GOTOP education. He has good hair and handsome looks, so it’s good enough, but sometimes he has a talent for making people around him ‘suddenly cold’ with absurdly excessive narcissism. However, a sudden ‘murder’ is foretold in his life, which he thought would only ‘go’ in the future.

‘Lee Shin-ah’, played by Jung Soo-jung (Krystal), who communicates with fans by working hard across dramas Police University and movies Sweet & Sour, regardless of genre, is No Go-jin’s assistant with zero presence. In terms of sincerity and responsibility, she is the highest level employee, but she is so quiet and introverted, and unlike anyone else, she has no talent for bragging, so she only exists at the same level as the air inside the company. However, after holding the position of secretary to Noh Go-jin, who is famous for being hit by ‘Girl’, for more than a year, her life has been recognized as a miracle in the industry.


  1. Crazy Love will replace Moonshine and followed by Bloody Heart.

Crazy Love

  Crazy (1.1 MiB, 470 hits)

Crazy Love

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