Cruel Intern

Cruel Intern (잔혹한 인턴)
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  • Drama: Cruel Intern (잔혹한 인턴)
  • Network: TVING
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: 2022–
  • Air Time: 


Cruel Intern is a drama depicting the process of persevering, enduring, and surviving in a jungle-like society once again by a woman in her 40s who returned to work as an intern after 7 years of being cut off from her job.

Ra Mi-ran took on the role of ‘Go Hae-ra’, who jumped into the re-employment front in order to regain her name and place that she had forgotten for 7 years. Hae-ra, who was famous for being a ‘self-absorbed workaholic’, was a successful MD as the best MD. She boldly resigned and devoted all her energy to parenting. During the 7 years that passed so quickly, she realizes that Go Hae-ra, the ‘real character’ to her, has disappeared. While struggling for re-employment, she was offered an ‘internship’ by a former co-worker, and succeeded in finding a job with the spirit of ‘Go do it’ even if she couldn’t eat it.

‘Choi Ji-won’, played by Uhm Ji-won, is the head of the market house’s sophisticated and urban product planning department, which is about to break the glass ceiling. With a cool poker face with charisma and leadership, she does everything she can to survive at work. She meets Ha-ra, a former company employee who applied for her new job, at an interview, hires her as an intern on her own team, and gives her a sweet yet brutal ‘proposal’.

Cruel Intern


Cruel Intern

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