Death Bell

Death Bell (고사: 피의 중간고사)
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Death Bell: On a Saturday, about 200 days before the entrance exam, a special elite class is held for exemplary students from the 1st to 20th grades of the entire school, and a mysterious serial murder case occurs. The killer declares, ‘If I don’t solve the problem in time, I’ll kill them one by one’. Loyal high school girls Yi-Na (Nam Gyu-ri) and Kingka Kang-hyeon (Kim Beom), the most popular teacher in the school, Hwang Chang-Ok (Lee Beom-soo), and English teacher Choi So-Yeong (Yun Jeong-hee) fight for their lives.

  • Movie: Death Bell (고사: 피의 중간고사)
  • Release Date: August 7, 2008
  • Runtime: 88 min.
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The first thing that stands out is the acting of the actors. Nam Gyu-ri, a member of the popular group ‘Seeya’, who made her screen debut with ‘Death Bell’, shows a stable performance that makes it unbelievable that this is her first movie. It is not awkward to be called an actress and not a singer, deserves a passing grade. As expected, Lee Beom-su shows a presence that fills the screen. The title of ‘acting actor’ makes us realize again that not everyone hears it.

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Death Bell

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