“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” Lee Jae-wook, curious about this man’s secret!

"Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" Lee Jae-wook, curious about this man's secret!
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KBS 2TV’s first new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol‘ (director Kim Minkyung), which airs for the first time on October 7th, is the sparkle of energetic pianist Goo Ra-Ra (played by Go Ara) and Sun Woojun (played by Lee Jaewook ). It draws a sparkling romantic comedy.

The stories of those who gather at Lala Land, a piano academy in a small rural village with their own wounds and secrets, bring sweet excitement and delightful laughter. Here, the co-director Kim Min-kyung, who co-directed ‘The Best Divorce’ and author Oh Ji-young, who wrote ‘Terius Behind Me’ and ‘Louis the Shopping King‘ are expected to create a delicate yet sensual romantic comedy.

Unlike the world’s simple and transparent Goo Ra-Ra, Seon Woo-jun’s mysterious charm is another interesting point of the work. In the teaser video released earlier, Seon Woo-jun showed a daily life that was far from ordinary youth, such as being caught in a part-time job randomly and an urgent appearance as if being chased by someone. Author Oh Ji-young also raised the curiosity about the character, saying, “Jun is the key man of our drama,” and “As the secret is revealed one or two, the phase will turn.”

‘Sun Woo-jun’ seems to be cold, but warm and rough, but surprisingly, he is a character with a twisting charm with a delicate side. The bluntness to keep distance from others makes him want to approach him, and his chic expression that is indifferent to everything in the world draws attention to him. This is why expectations are also focused on Lee Jae-wook’s transformation, which will maximize Seon Woo-jun’s anti-war charm. The appearance of Sun Woo-jun, who exudes a lonely and empty atmosphere in the published photos, further stimulates curiosity in his story. The appearance of taking a cell phone photographing himself and being wary of others also adds to his secrets.

‘Chinten’ Loco, which Lee Jae-wook will draw with Go ara, is also an expected point. Seon Woo-jun, who has built a wall that is invisible to others, gradually changes through a quick encounter with Gura-ra, ‘the tension in the world.’

In the previous interview, director Kim Min-gyeong revealed that Lee Jae-wook “has a fresh and unique charm that has never been seen in the existing male protagonists,” and that “you will be able to see a combination of a cool boyish beauty and a secret mature beauty.” Expectations are gathering in the renewal of Lee Jae-wook’s ‘life character’ who will penetrate into the world’s trustworthy creditor (?) Sun Woo-jun, who spends busy days’to lend money’ 24 hours, and portrays both freshness and the charm of a mature man.

Expectations for Lee Jae-wook, who are about to transform into Sun Woo-jun, are also hot, as they have to express their emotions in detail by going back and forth between joy and mystery. It is noteworthy what kind of activity he will perform in his first lead film, who left a strong impression in various works with his wide character digestibility. Lee Jae-wook said, “I don’t express myself much, so I feel more comfortable and have a charm that makes me curious. I want to convey Jun’s attractive side convincingly.” Lee Jae-wook, who is continuing the trend with his solid acting skills and unique charm, is already looking forward to the anti-war youth ‘Sun Woo-jun’.

Meanwhile, ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol‘ will be broadcast for the first time on KBS 2TV at 9:30 pm on Wednesday, October 7th.



“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” Lee Jae-wook, curious about this man’s secret!

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