Dr. Park’s Clinic

Internist Park Won-Jang Dr. Park's Clinic (내과 박원장)
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  • Drama: Dr. Park’s Clinic (English title)/ Internist Park Won-Jang (내과 박원장)
  • Network: TVING
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: January 14 2022
  • Air Time: 


Dr. Park’s Clinic is a realistic comedy depicting the life of a ‘funny’ doctor of a novice doctor who is not even wise. He dreamed of becoming a true doctor, but today, Park Won-jang’s salty survival story, who is struggling between medicine and tactics in the flying clinic, brings pleasant laughter and sympathy.

In the drama, Lee Seo-jin, who is taking on the challenge of acting in a comic for the first time in his life, takes on the role of Park Won-jang, a novice internal medicine doctor whose dream is to become a rich person. Park thought that the flowery road would open ‘as soon as it opened’, but the reality is that the road is full of thorns that get tired even with just one coffee mix. As a result, his business smile is convulsed, and the more his service mentality is demonstrated, the more he suffers from the war against hair loss. Park Won-jang’s new struggle to save the internal medicine just before the ‘explosion’ is drawn in a pleasant way.

In addition, Ra Mi-ran, a ‘master of comic acting’ who needs no explanation, took on the role of Sa Mo-Rim, a self-proclaimed queen of domestic affairs, who is attractive with a reversal and laxity. Sa Mo-Rim is a person who believes in TV show doctors and pseudo-science more than her husband, who is a doctor. It is sometimes fiery, but the reckless (?) and ferocious inner sympathy shown by Sa Mo-Rim, who is deeper than anyone else, is expected to be another point of observation.

In addition, director Seo Jun-beom, a ‘hit maker’ who is known in the advertising world, takes charge of the script and directing, and is responsible for the perfection. It is expected to present a different laughter code through various variations suitable for the new format, and a reality-based real comedy that will be born with a trendy and sensual wit is awaited.


  1. Dr. Park’s Clinic is a drama based on a webtoon, which recorded more than 4 million views on Naver Webtoon Best Challenge, confirmed the official serialization of Naver Webtoon, and ranked first in the next webtoon league.

Dr. Park’s Clinic

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Dr. Park’s Clinic

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