Exit (엑시트)
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Exit is a disaster escape action film depicting an emergency situation in which a young man Yong-Nam (Cho Jung-Seok) and a college junior Ui-Joo (Lim Yoon-A) have to escape the city center covered with toxic gases of unknown cause.

  • Movie: Exit (엑시트)
  • Air Date: July 31, 2019
  • Duration: 103 minutes
  • Official Website


‘Exit’ has a different atmosphere than most of the heavy and dark disaster movies, and depicts a disaster escape that has never been seen using props that can be seen anywhere, such as large garbage bags, subway beach gas masks, rubber gloves, and packing box tape.

‘Exit’ is a differentiating point that the main character is a small citizen character that explodes rather than an elite who has a meticulous situation calculation and a fast elite or a specialized agent who has received special training.

In addition to the characters Yong-Nam, who has failed to get a job for several years after graduating from college, and Ui-Joo, an office worker who has endured the difficult reality despite having a job, a new character that evokes empathy appears to help them overcome the disaster without defense. Provides fun.

In particular, the experience of a mountain club that was neglected as a useless hobby is a great point of fun when the moment when an urgent disaster arrives, the moment when you show your light with your talents. Yong-nam and Ui-Joo, who are trying to escape from the buildings in the city center filled with toxic gas, and also try to survive on their own, offer a new sense of pleasure that has never been seen before.


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