Failing in Love

Failing in Love 연애미수
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  • Drama: Failing in Love (연애미수)
  • Network: V Live, Naver TV, MBC
  • Episodes: 5
  • Air Date: November 1 – November 29, 2019
  • Official Website


Failing in Love, which depicts the unrequited love story of young people who try countless times for love but always fails.

In the poster, Kang Pa-rang (Sang Sang-yeon) and Lee Si-won (Yang Hye-ji) are pictured. Two people facing each other in a dark attic exchanging strange gazes, creating a romantic atmosphere. The paintings spread out on the floor and the paint on Kang’s face amplifies the curiosity about the content of the drama.

Son Sang-yeon takes on the role of Kang Pa-rang, who is hungry for love to the point of appearing to have separation anxiety disorder. His life’s goal is to try his love at some point. Kang Parang, who has done a dash for many women, confesses to his old friend, Lee Si-won. From that day on, all relationships surrounding his river blue become entangled.

Yang Hye-ji takes on the role of Lee Si-won, who is always popular with friends because of her cheerful personality and good personality. Lee Si-won strongly protects the side of Kang Parang, who is suffering from separation anxiety. Not only that, but she also watches Kang Pa-rang’s reckless confessions behind her, revealing her insides.

Kang Parang and Lee Siwon, who have been friends since childhood, go through changes in friendship and love as they grow up. The two are expected to arouse sympathy from viewers by showing the friendship, love, and other concerns of high school students in real life.

Failing in Love (79.5 KiB, 2 hits)


Failing in Love

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