‘Flower of Evil’ Lee Jun-ki ♥ Moon Chae-won, there has never been a couple like this

'Flower of Evil' Lee Jun-ki ♥ Moon Chae-won, there has never been a couple like this
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In the tvN drama ‘Flower of Evil‘, the suspense romance of Lee Jun-ki and Moon Chae-won is striking the hearts of viewers.

TVN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Flower of Evil‘ is running toward the end. Baek Hee-sung (Do Hyun-soo), a man who even played love, and his wife Chae-won, who began to doubt his reality, turned away. It is a high-density emotional tracking play of two people facing each other in front of the truth they want to do.

The daily life of Do Hyun-soo (played by Lee Joon-ki) and Chae-won (played by Moon Chae-won), who had a beautiful house and a pretty daughter, had nothing to be left behind with the ‘Serial Murder Case of Yeonju.’ Do Hyun-soo, who has lived under the name of her affectionate husband ‘Baek Hee-seong’ while hiding her true identity, and the detective Chae-won’s suspicion that such a husband may be a murderer, their peace has also shattered.

'Flower of Evil' Lee Jun-ki ♥ Moon Chae-won

Above all, Chae-won did not openly question her husband or reveal speculation, and began to watch quietly. In addition to planting a GPS on her husband’s watch, he tried to confirm his reality by following him. In addition, Do Hyeon-su also steadily wears a mask in front of Chaewon and pretends to be a good husband, and the appearance of a couple living in one house and having a breathtaking psychological warfare adds to the feeling of feeling.

However, when Do Hyun-soo was in danger of losing his life by the kidnapper, Charge-won jumped into the water without weighing it and saved him. Because the love for Do Hyun-soo was greater than that of being deceived. Afterwards, Do Hyun-soo’s desperate efforts to live as Baek Hee-sung anyway with Chae-won, who could not release doubts about what Do Hyun-soo’s real face is, increased the thrill.

In order to find the accomplice of the ‘Serial Murder Case of Yeonju-si’, Do Hyun-soo tried to find out the accomplice of the ‘Serial Murder Case of Yeonju’. However, Charge-won made a gap for Do Hyun-soo to escape. Here he realized how much he loves her and how much charge-won loves him. Do Hyun-soo’s heart, which was always frozen, melted in the hot heat, and the sad feelings of the two made even viewers cry.

Another crisis came to me without realizing the sincerity for each other. Baek Hee-seong (played by Kim Ji-hoon) accused Do Hyun-soo of killing a housekeeper. Charge-won also tried to arrest him directly this time, being tricked by the evidence. Then Do Hyun-soo said, “You don’t trust me either, but someone in this world will trust me.”

Do Hyun-soo and Chae-won’s suspense mellow, who changed from a loving couple to a suspect and a detective, causes a cool tension. The cruel fate of Do Hyun-soo and Chae-won, who eventually had to arrest him with his own hands, is causing regret. As a result, interest in the direction of romance of those who cannot be vigilant for a moment is heating up.

On the other hand, Lee Joon-ki and Moon Chae-won, who again took the test, and their never-ending story continues in episode 14 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Flower of Evil‘, which airs at 10:50 pm on the 16th (Wed).



‘Flower of Evil’ Lee Jun-ki ♥ Moon Chae-won, there has never been a couple like this

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