Forbidden Dream

Forbidden Dream 천문: 하늘에 묻는다
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Forbidden Dream: One of the most important figures of Korean royal history King Sejong develop a 20-year relationship with engineer and inventor Jang Yeong-sil, a truly remarkable scientist based on their common interest in astronomy.

  • Movie: Forbidden Dream
  • Revised romanization: Cheonmun: Haneule Mudneunda
  • Hangul: 천문: 하늘에 묻는다
  • Director: Hur Jin-Ho
  • Writer: Jung Bum-Sik, Lee Ji-Min
  • Producer: Kim Cheol-Yong, Kim Won-Guk
  • Cinematographer: Lee Mo-Gae
  • Release Date: December 26, 2019
  • Runtime: 132 min.
  • Genre: Period-15th Century
  • Distributor: Lotte Entertainment


A 20 year relationship exists between King Sejong (Han Suk-Kyu) and Jang Yeong-Sil (Choi Min-Sik). They invent various devices for astronomical observation. Due to a case, Jang Yeong-Sil is discharged from office and he disappears completely.


  1. Movie is based on a true story.

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Forbidden Dream

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