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Gate is about an elite prosecutor who is in the middle of investigating corruption, gets into an accident and loses his memory. After that, he goes through a series of events along with a few others around him.

  • Movie: Gate
  • Revised romanization: Geiteu
  • Hangul: 게이트
  • Director: Shin Jae-Ho
  • Writer: Lee Hyun-Chul, Song Chang-Yong, Shin Jae-Ho, Im Chang-Jung
  • Producer: Oh Pil-Jin, Chae Kil-Byung, Im Chang-Jung, Kim Ha-Young
  • Cinematographer: Lee Sang-Min
  • Release Date: February 28, 2018
  • Runtime: 92 min.
  • Genre: Crime / Comedy


So-Eun (Jung Ryeo-Won) gets fired from her part-time job. When she gets back to her apartment, there’s two strange men by her door. The men work for a loan shark (Jung Sang-Hoon) and they want their money from So-Eun’s relative/roommate (Kim Bo-Min). Meanwhile, Gyu-Cheol (Im Chang-Jung) is her next door neighbor. He was once a prosecutor, but he was hit by a car and became mentally impaired. He is also lingering nearby.

So-Eun comes up with the money by getting her deposit money back on her apartment and taking out cash advances on her credit cards. She goes to the loan shark’s office and pays him back. Meanwhile, So-Eun’s father (Lee Kyoung-Young) and uncle (Lee Moon-Sik) arrive at her apartment looking for a place to stay. So-Eun’s father was just released from prison. When her father and uncle plot a heist, So-Eun suggests the perfect target and she wants in on the heist.


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