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  • Drama: Genesis (복제인간)
  • Network: Olleh TV, Seezn
  • Episodes: 6
  • Air Date: June 18, 2021 – July 23, 2021


Genesis is a romance fantasy mystery drama that tells the story of a man whose goal is to survive, another man who finds answers to people in love, and a woman at the center of all stories.

Director Jang Tae-yu said, “I am directing a Korean drama after 4 years so it’s immeasurable. It is an honor to be filming for the first time in a city called Daegu with good actors.”

Park Hae-jin will play four characters alone in this drama. “Kang Il-hoon is the person with the most human personality. Chen has an animalistic appearance, while Dong-jin is a cynical character. Michael has an artistic side.” After introducing, “I will try to make the most of the change in my inner self rather than showing too many changes.”

Nana, who took her first lead role in this drama after working in the movie <The Slayer>, said, “I’m nervous and worried. There is a lot of pressure and responsibility. Still, when I think of being able to work with the director and seniors through a great work, I am very excited and looking forward to it.” In this work, Nana plays Yeo Rin, a detective who has a strong sense of justice. “My role is to fight very well. Whenever I have free time, I go to action school to practice.” She said, “I will be able to show you a strong woman that I have never been able to show before.”

The actors appearing in ‘Genesis’ are all tall. Regarding this casting, director Jang Tae-yu said, “I tried to cast tall actors overall. As much as the story is unique, I thought that the visual should also be unique.”

Regarding the difference from the previous work ‘My Love from the Star‘, he said, “This drama is a story that can actually exist scientifically. We will focus on realistic scientific fiction rather than simply a fantasy melodrama.”

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