Goodbye Dear Wife

굿바이 마눌 / Goodbye Dear Wife
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Goodbye Dear Wife is a romantic comedy drama about a thoughtless husband who dreams of reuniting with his first lover and a wife who gets confused as her long time lover who dumped her returns.

  • Drama: Goodbye Dear Wife
  • Revised romanization: Keutbai Manool
  • Hangul: 굿바이 마눌
  • Director: Kim Pyung-Joong
  • Writer: Kim Do-Hyun
  • Network: Channel A
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: May 7 – July 10, 2012
  • Genre: Dramas
  • Official Website


Cha Seung-Hyuk (Ryu Si-Won) runs a famous sports center and has been married for 5 years. In his past, he was a famous fighter with good looks. Cha Seung-Hyuk then married a woman who was about to become a nun (Hong Soo-Hyun). Because of their marriage, Cha Seung-Hyuk became even more popular as a romantist. Since then, he has partaken in lots of commercials and has become an ideal man for women. In real life though, Cha Seung-Hyuk is sick of married life. He says goodbye to his wife, hoping to experience love again with his first love …


  1. Goodbye Dear Wife takes over the Channel A Mon & Tue 20:50 time slot previously occupied by “The Strongest K-POP Survival”.

Goodbye Dear Wife

  Goodbye Dear (217.7 KiB, 99 hits)

Goodbye Dear Wife

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