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The movie (Gyeongju) is a work of two days and one night, unlike Choi-Hyun (Park Hae-Il) , a suspicious man who searches for a fairy tale seven years ago, and Gong Yoon-hee (Shin Min-A), a strange woman, unlike her elegant first impression. This film focuses on the lives of the socially underprivileged, such as the Korean-Chinese, minority ethnic groups in China, and compatriots who have left their hometowns.

  • Movie: Gyeongju (경주)
  • Air Date: June 6, 2014
  • Duration: 145 minutes
  • Official Website


AM 7:00 Daegu

Choi-Hyun (Park Hae-il), a professor at Peking University who visited Korea to attend the funeral of a close brother. Suddenly, he am impulsively heading for Gyeongju, following the memories of the pornography he saw seven years ago.

AM 11:00

Gyeongju tea house Arisol “I haven’t seen the pornography that was here 7 years ago…”

This film is impressive by telling a dreamy story about life and death in Gyeongju, a city where 155 huge tombs are located. At the funeral of a deceased senior, Choi Hyun follows the song in memory and descends to Gyeongju. However, the picture is already covered in the wallpaper of the tea house and cannot be seen.

Later, on his journey down to Gyeongju to meet his college senior and former lover, Yeo-Jung (Yoon Jin-Seo), she confesses her experience of having an abortion because of him who spent the night with her. One child was not born and died due to Choi Hyun, who drank alcohol without deep thoughts and met his journey.


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