Hard Hit

Hard Hit (발신제한)
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  • Movie: Hard Hit (발신제한)
  • Release Date: June 23, 2021
  • Runtime: 94 min.


Hard Hit is an urban chase thriller in which the head of a bank center, Seong-gyu (Jo Woo-jin), falls into a crisis when he receives a mysterious call that ‘a bomb explodes when he gets out of the car’.

Sung-gyu (Jo Woo-jin), the head of a well-to-do bank center, receives a call with a restricted caller ID on the way to work with the children in the car. The voice warns that “there is a bomb installed in the car, and if you get up from your seat, the bomb will explode”, but Sunggyu, who was going to an important meeting ahead of his promotion, considers this as voice phishing and ignores it.

However, he soon witnessed a colleague’s car being blown up in the same way in front of his eyes, and he starts running through the city with his children, becoming a suspect in urban terrorism and being chased by the police. The ‘team leader’ (Jin-kyung), who is dispatched to the scene to remove the bomb, intuitions a strange situation after confronting Sung-gyu.

Ji Chang-wook takes on the role of ‘Jin-woo’, the voice of a mysterious phone call. Ji Chang-wook, who chose ‘Hard Hit’ as his first film since ‘Fabricated City’ in 2017, will play the mission of acting only with his voice, both of the mystery and coldness of Jin-woo, whose actions and expressions are restrained.

Hard Hit

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Hard Hit

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