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안녕, 다니엘
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Hello Daniel is a  Kang Daniel traveled to Portland, Oregon to film “Hello, Daniel,” which will air through SBS FiL, a new cable channel run by SBS Medianet. “Hello, Daniel” is a travel reality show that follows Kang Daniel traveling around alone as a 25-year-old young man, instead of an idol.

  • TV Show: Hello Daniel
  • Native Title: 안녕, 다니엘 (Annyeong Daniel)
  • Aired On: Saturday
  • Network: SBS


Hello Daniel Torrent Files is a travel reality program where Kang Daniel left for Portland in the United States, where he valued Kinfork Life.

Kang Daniel chose “Portland’s charm” as the point to look out for in his upcoming show, adding that he’s happy to be able to share the many charming locations of Portland with many people and asking viewers to watch the program as if it were introducing travel spots rather than showcasing his travel log.

Hello Daniel Torrent Files

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Hello Daniel

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