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  • Movie: Herb (허브)
  • Release Date: January 11, 2007
  • Air Time: 113 minutes


Bae Jong-ok is a ‘mom’ Hyun-sook who lives in the world like a ‘Tok-soon’ with her daughter Sang-eun, who is 20 but has a mental age of seven Sang-Eun (Kang Hye-Jung). She cares for and loves her daughter more than anyone else, but she slowly prepares to part with her daughter because of terminal cancer that comes to her.

“’Herb’ is not a film that tries to highlight the hardships of a mother with a child with a mental retardation. I think it was even better as the role of a wise mother who acknowledges differences and helps her children adapt to society.”

Bae Jong-ok said that although the subject of ‘Herb’ is not necessarily a child, the scenario was beautiful, and the content was also not difficult and light. In fact, when she first watched the movie on the screen on the day of the press conference, she cried so much that she couldn’t hold the press conference properly.


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