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  • Drama: High Class (하이클래스)
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: September 6 – October 26, 2021
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00
  • Official Website


High Class is set in a luxurious international school located on an island like a paradise, and is a mystery of sexual violence that takes place while meeting the woman of her deceased husband. Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Ji-soo, Ha Jun, Park Se-jin, and Gong Hyeon-joo take the lead roles, and director Choi Byung-gil, who has been recognized for his sophisticated directing skills in dramas ‘East of Eden‘, ‘Angry Mom‘, and ‘Missing Nine‘, is raising expectations for directing.

Cho Yeo-Jeong takes on the role of ‘Song Yeo-wool’, a former lawyer who is accused of her husband’s murder and lost everything overnight. Song Yeo-wool goes to an international school to protect her 8-year-old son from a nightmare life, but becomes an ugly duckling as malicious rumors spread among mothers. In response, Jo Yeo-jeong is expected to captivate viewers with her delicate acting.

Among them, two teaser posters for ‘High Class’ were released, drawing attention. First, in the first teaser poster, Song Yeo-ul is wearing a pure white dress and lying in a canoe over a black river, attracting attention.

While Song Yeo-wool, who spends time alone without anyone, catches the eye, the waves that started to oscillate in the black river to the point where she can’t see inside, seem to foretell the storm that will soon hit her, creating tension.

On the other hand, in another teaser poster, Song Yeo-wool shows off her alluring charm with the combination of her short hairstyle and dress. At the same time, it adds tension to the precarious figure of being swept away by a river that does not know where it will lead.

Above all, the copy of ‘the bare face of my perfect life’ shows the reality of Song Yeo-wool, who will change as she faces the truth that will be revealed one by one after her husband’s death, raising curiosity about the broadcast.


  1. High Class will replace You Are My Spring and will be followed by Secret Royal Inspector Joy.
  2. Kim Ji-soo X Gong Hyeon-joo, expressing strong hostility towards Jo Yeo-jeong.
  3. ‘High Class’ Kim Nam-hee X Woo Hyun-joo X Seo Jeong-yeon, new stealer activity notice.
  4. The tense from tvN’s ‘High Class’ character relationship.
  5. Park Eun-hye makes a special appearance in ‘High Class’ and confronts Jo Yeo-jeong.
  6. A great sense of immersion in psychological warfare ‘High Class’.

High Class

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High Class

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