Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded Jung woo 뜨거운 피
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  • Movie: Hot Blooded (뜨거운 피)
  • Release Date: March 23, 2022
  • Runtime: 120 minutes


The movie ‘Hot Blooded’, which depicts the fierce battle for survival of gangsters from the bottom of Guam, in Guam, a port on the outskirts of Busan, where only the worse ones survive

The movie ‘Hot Blood’ is a screen adaptation of Kim Eon-soo’s original novel [Hot Blood] with the same name.

In the poster released, the appearance of ‘Hee-soo’ (Jung woo) sitting indifferently against a red background full of bloodstains conveys the tension as if suggesting his anxious and dark life. The appearance of the people lying in front of it raises curiosity about the circumstances that have taken place, while the copy of ‘he who hesitates loses’ stimulates curiosity about the survival war that will unfold in the port city of ‘Guam’. In addition, the copy of ‘The world is not a cool guy, but a XX guy wins’, combined with ‘Hee-soo’ staring somewhere with a confused expression, makes it possible to reflect on his rough life, and at the same time, Jung-woo’s gaze acting and atmosphere are It makes you look forward to a new face you haven’t seen before.

Hot Blooded

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Hot Blooded

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