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Howling is about Sang Gil is a homicide detective whose well deserved promotion is rewarded to another one of his colleges. On yet another typical day in the field, he’s assigned a simple suicide case with a rookie female detective, Eun Yeong, as his partner. Sang Gil grudgingly starts the investigation, but the case turns out to be much more complicated as it seemed. Blinded by the chance to earn a long overdue promotion, Sang Gil continues to investigate on his own without reporting to his superiors.

Meanwhile, Eun Yeong questions the odd bite mark on the victim’s body, but Sang Gil ignores her discovery and continues on. But when a random wild animal attack kills another person, Eun Yeong senses a connection between the two deaths. Without realizing the seriousness of the situation, Sang Gil stubbornly continues to investigate the case alone, and Eun Yeong reluctantly follows along. When the two discover that the bite marks on the bodies belong to the same wolfdog (a crossbreed between a dog and a wolf), they begin to realize that all the victims are strangely connected to one another

  • Movie: Howling
  • Revised romanization: Hawooling
  • Hangul: 하울링
  • Director: Yu Ha
  • Writer: Asa Nonami (original novel), Yu Ha
  • Producer: Lee Tae-Hun, Shin Gyung-Ho
  • Cinematographer: Kong Pyung-Jae
  • Release Date: February 16, 2012
  • Runtime: 114 min.
  • Genre: Mystery


A man is found burned to death inside of a car. Detective Sang-Gil (Song Kang-Ho) and his co-workers investigate the scene. Sang-Gil doesn’t want to take the case, because it looks like a simple suicide case and won’t help him get the promotion that he desperately wants. Furthermore, rookie female detective Eun-Young (Lee Na-Young) is selected as his partner for the case.

Later at the morgue, Eun-Young discovers a dog bite on the burned corpse. As Detective Sang-Gil and Eun-Young investigate further they discover a trail of drugs, child prostitution, and a lethal wolf-dog all involved in the case. Detective Sang-Gil and Eun-Young keeps their discoveries to themselves as Detective Sang-Gil hopes to crack the case and get his promotion. Soon, another murder victim is discovered having dog bites on his body. Can Detective Sang-Gil and Eun-Young unravel the mysterious case before more people are killed?


  1. Howling Movie is based on Naoki Prize winning novel “Kogoeru Kiba” (English title “The Hunter”) by Asa Nonami – published 1996.


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