Humming (허밍)/ A Lovers Concerto torrent
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  • Movie: Humming (허밍)/ A Lovers Concerto
  • Release Date: March 13, 2008
  • Air Time: 96 minutes


Humming is a movie about “I used to love you”, not “I love you.” This type of film will suffer, but it is unfortunate that the typicality does not deviate from the formula of straight love.

Jun-seo (Lee Chun-hee) and Mi-yeon (Han Ji-hye) have been dating for 2000 days. As Miyeon tries to do anything together, Junseo gradually gets tired of it. Jun-seo and Mi-yeon apply for a research team to be dispatched to the Antarctic Sejong Science Station in order to separate for a while.

One day, Miyeon arrives early in the morning and tells her when the 2000th anniversary is.J un-seo, who seems to be blaming himself for his indifference, rushes out of the house and hears a news like a blue sky. It is said that Miyeon had a car accident while visiting him the day before. Unbelievable news, Jun-seo searches for her traces.

Men and women of marriageable age always push and pull. Miyeon dreams of love’s eternity, sincerity, and romantic love. I loved you more than the day we met and I miss the days more than the day I loved you. On the other hand, Jun-seo is an indifferent man who doesn’t even know when he’s been dating for 2000 days. The confession of love on the tape, not on the MP3, saying “I will love you until the day I die” is empty and wide.

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