I Will, Song

I Will, Song (아이윌 송)
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  • Movie: I Will, Song (아이윌 송)
  • Release Date: July 1, 2021
  • Runtime: 99 min.


I Will, Song is the story of an unknown singer Wave (Ham Eun-jung), who can no longer sing, meets the film director Baram (Kim Tae-hyung) by chance on a trip to Andong, and heals each other’s wounds.

Rather than delve into the story of the youth, the film focuses on the process of sharing the wounds with new people in Andong, enjoying leisure there, and finding true happiness.

Therefore, the film tries to quickly summarize the story of the wave that causes the vocal cords to be injured and give up singing. Rather than continuing to show the serious situation, it must have been intended to quickly enter the main topic and focus on the healing process.

I Will, Song 

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I Will, Song

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