Idol Recipe

Idol Recipe Lee ji hoon (아이돌 레시피)
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  • Movie: Idol Recipe (아이돌 레시피)
  • Release Date: March 17, 2022
  • Runtime: 102 minutes


Idol Recipe is a youth music drama film in which the unknown idol group ‘Bella’, who is on the verge of disbanding, and the manager who wants to sell them to another company become a team after a deep conflict and take on a new challenge.

Kim So-hee took on the role of Song Ji-an, the main vocalist, who is Bella’s ace and vocal genius, the first to receive a love call from rival L’s at the moment of Bella’s crisis. In this movie, she shows strong charisma and appears as a talented singer, as a character with a cold but warm sensibility.

Bae Jae-seong (Lee Ji-hoon) drank alcohol to enter Bella’s new member, and then played the role of Kelly, a fake solo singer who is searching for lost memories. In order to find the memories of the past 24 hours with Bae Jae-sung, she will show comic acting in a pleasant tiki-taka in the movie.

Idol Recipe


Idol Recipe

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