Jinxed at First

Jinxed at First Seohyun (징크스의 연인)
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  • Drama: Jinxed at First/ Jinx’s Lover (징크스의 연인)
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: June 15 – August 4, 2022
  • Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:50
  • Official Website


Jinxed at First is a fantasy romance drama about a human man who accepts his unhappy life as his destiny and lives according to his destiny, and a goddess who jumps out of the unknown world to break the curse and overcomes a cruel fate.

‘Jinx’s Lover’, a dramatization of a popular webtoon of the same name, is expected to give you a different kind of fun you’ve never seen before, depicting what happens when a poor and lucky man meets the goddess of fortune hidden in a chaebol family.

Seohyun took on the role of Seulbi, who has the mysterious ability to see the future of the person she touches. Seulbi, who escaped from a secret room out of curiosity in the past, is a person who has a dream about a world she has never experienced after spending a dreamlike day with Gong Soo-gwang (Na In-woo).

Na In-woo takes on the role of Gong Soo-gwang, a fishmonger in the Seodong market and with a special jinx. Gong Soo-kwang is a character who loses everything since the day he met Seul-bi and leads a completely different life from before.


  1. Jinxed at First will replace Love All Play and be followed by If You Wish Upon Me.

Jinxed at First

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Jinxed at First

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